Even though an entire home made of Nudura ICF can provide maximum strength and energy savings, some people choose to build only their foundations with ICF.

Reasons to choose an ICF foundation:
1. ICFs help to keep the basement cool in summer and maintain warmth on cold days as it eliminates drafts and air leaks.
2. EPS insulation acts like a water barrier on both sides (waterproofing on the exterior adds additional barrier).
3. EPS insulation material prohibits mold, mildew and rot.
4. Once installed, the outside basement is ready for drywall. There is no need for framing, insulation or vapor barrier.
5. With ICFs, construction can be carried out even in adverse weather. Concrete can be poured even under freezing temperatures as it does not freeze between two pieces of insulation.
6. On the whole, building a foundation with ICFs requires about 50 per cent less time than traditional construction methods.
7. A home built with this concrete system is also fire resistant, sound resistant, storm resistant.

Learn more about ICF foundations athttp://nudura.com/docs/default-source/brochures/icf-basement-sellsheet-nd1804e-lr.pdf?sfvrsn=0

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