“Structures with ICFs are protected against all but the most inconceivable tornadoes and hurricanes, whereas structures made with wood would be decimated under the same conditions”, says Ken Taft, an architect with Bobby Cox Companies, who’s worked with NUDURA’s ICFs on projects like constructing the Augustus Plaza in Fort Worth, Texas. Nudura ICF is one of the most resilient building materials available and even for those who live in areas not frequently affected by the severe weather – Nudura ICF can offer a peace of mind should a severe storm hit.

ICF is different from regular monolithically poured concrete buildings in that they lack seams at their corners, the concrete in ICF is allowed to flow from one corner to another, which gives Nudura ICF its superior strength and flexibility.

Flexible design, speed of construction, unparalleled energy efficiency and sturdiness – are other no less important factors why Texan architect Ken Taft chooses Nudura ICF. Read full article at Green Building & Design magazine’s website – https://gbdmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/GBD46_Nudura.pdf

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